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Share your DVD drive with other computers on your network

NetDVD allows you to play DVD movies, audio CDs, games and install applications on a netbook, laptop or desktop PC that has no CD or DVD drive; and to burn CDs/DVDs on a netbook, laptop or desktop PC that has no CD/DVD writer.

NetDVD adds a virtual DVD drive to your Windows netbook, laptop or desktop PC, which connects to a real CD or DVD drive on another computer connected to your network.

NetDVD is commercially released from my product software company: Blue Lion Software Ltd.
For more information read the
product description.
Download the free Try&Buy version

(last updated: 31 July 2009)

EZoom - Zoom utility for the SonyEricsson P800/P900

EZoom for the SonyEricsson P800/P900 allows you to zoom in on the full screen of a P800/P900. EZoom works transparently for all applications apart from the camera viewfinder.




EZoom works transparently in the background without the system knowing about it. You can't therefor use SCap to take screenshots of EZoom; you will get a normal screen without any trace of EZoom being there. The following screenshots are all taken under Windows using the UIQ emulator. A basic shot of EZoom  (400% zoom), showing off transparency of the zoom control, 90 degree rotation and a dual screenshot showing the quality difference of bi-linear (left) and next-neighbour (right) scaling. Finally, here's the zoom control with the default background image featuring my beta-testers hard at work performing a code review of my software :-)

I've written an article on EZoom for Symbian's Developer Network.

(last updated: 5 April 2004)

SCap - Screen Capture utility for the SonyEricsson P800/P900

SCap for the SonyEricsson P800/P900 allows you to capture the full screen of a P800/P900 and save it to file. Start screen capture by selecting Start capture from the SCap menu, then use the hotkey to capture the screen. The images are stored in a folder called scap and you can use the P800/P900 Pictures application to view them. SCap can take screenshots in both Flip Open and Flip Closed.



There's not much to see, but here's the general configuration dialog and here's the one for the image options. Both are taken with SCap of course ;-)

(last updated: 23 Feb 2003)

EChess for the SonyEricsson P800/P900

EChess is the port of Crafty (open source chess engine) and WinBoard (open source chess frontend) for the the SonyEricsson P800/P900 (Symbian OS version 7).




This is the chess board in flip open and this is the flip closed view. Configuration for patterns and colors; and my personal favorite: my own super-duper-all-dancing-and-singing RGB color chooser ;-)

Feedback wanted

(last updated: 29 Aug 2004)

EDoom for the SonyEricsson P800/P900

Port of EDoom to the SonyEricsson P800/P900 (Symbian OS version 7). This time the port is more complete, game safe/load works, it has 8 channel sound support and can be configured to either rotate the screen to the left or right.


WAD files

Just as for EDoom for the Psion devices, the P800/P900 version of EDoom doesn't come with the original WAD files. Again, doom1.wad and doom3.wad is probably what't you're after. So, be creative! Buy a copy of Doom, search for them on the net or "borrow" them from your Dad (afterall, Doom is pretty old ;-)). Essentially I don't care as long as you're not going to mail me asking for a copy.
Once you have them, store them on the P800/P900 in the folder called DOOM under Document.


No project without screenshots nowadays, so here goes. This is the EDoom frontend from which you start EDoom. When started you get the EDoom's splash screen.Choose single player game from the menu and you get here. EDoom is 320x200 and you may configure it to be rotated to either the left or the right.You can also save & load games; when saving a game, you can use the on-screen virtual keyboard, conveniently alpha-blended with the Doom scene.

Game control

Game control was one of the... let's call it challanging aspects of porting EDoom to the P800/P900 ;-). Here's what I've settled for in the end:

(last updated: 29 Aug 2004)

EMame for the SonyEricsson P800/P900

Port of EMame to the SonyEricsson P800/P900 (Symbian OS version 7).


Game roms

Just as for EMame for the Psion devices, the P800/P900 version of EMame doesn't come with ROM images either. Point your browser at www.mame.dk to see what ROMs are needed for a particular game. Once you know the name of the ZIP files you need, you'll find that most of them are just a google search away. ;-)
Store the zip files (still compressed) on the P800/P900 in the folder called ROMS under Document; you may store them either on the internal phone memory or on the memory stick.


I've tried to take some pictures with my digital camera, but as you can see I have more knowledge of programming than photography. Anyway, here's what the play list looks like (observe the donkey-kong wallpaper); here's pacman and here's galaxian. Just for the fun of it, here's what the help screen looks like (and yes, those are truetype fonts ;-)).

Game control

People have asked how to actually play MAME games on a device like the P800/P900. Well, it's all explained in EMame's online help, but for those of you who don't have a P800/P900 (yet), here goes:.

(last updated: 29 Aug 2004)

ECompXL - EPOC Compressed eXecutable Loader

ECompXL is a development tool that allows you to compress applications (.app) and executables (.exe) for Symbian OS 7. Applications and executables built with ECompXL will run as any other on a target device but, when started, will first decompress themselves on-the-fly before their actual execution. ECompXL uses the standard gzip utility for compression and the zlib library for decompression; a port of zlib is part of the standard Symbian OS 7 SDK.

Once installed, ECompXL is integrated in the standard tool chain and will transparently compress those applications and executables for which you've configured compression support. The compressed applications and executables generated by ECompXL behave exactly the same as their uncompressed counterparts, with the one difference that the first decompress themselves on-the-fly when run on a target device. ECompXL supports all standard target builds, including ARMI, ARM4 and THUMB. As a bonus, ECompXL allows your application (.app) to have global modifiable data and even global C++ objects, something that standard Symbian OS applications are not allowed to.

Starting from version 1.1, ECompXL is released under a MIT-style license, see the file copying for more information.

(last updated: 8 Jan 2006)

Linux on AAEC-2000 - Running Linux on Agilent's AAEC-2000 System On a Chip (SOC)

Project to port Linux to Agilent's AAEC-2000 SOC. The AAEC-2000 is based on an ARM 920T and has loads of hardware goodies on board. The hardware reference design for this SOC is called AAED-2000.


Download (last updated: 20 Aug 2001)

EDoom - Doom for the Psion Series 7

EDoom is a port of Doom legacy for the Psion Series 7. Sound doesn't work, but apart from that it's fully functional (I think), running at 640x400. I have no intention to work any further on the port but at least you can enjoy what there is so far. Maybe some other brave soul will complete it someday (long live open source!). I do not actively support EDoom, so please don't bother sending bug reports.



EDoom splash screen on the Series 7.

(last updated: Dec 10 2001)

EGnuBoy - A GameBoy emulator for the Psion Series 5mx & Series 7

EGnuBoy is the EPOC version of GnuBoy, an open source emulator for the GameBoy classic and the GameBoy color. Performance is far from perfect on the Series 5mx, whereas it is acceptable for the Series 7/Netbook. Sound is not supported yet.



I've only got pictures of games running under the emulator. Here's MsPacman running at the normal 160x144 screen size and here's MsPacman running at 320x288.

PsiLinux - Series 7: Linux on the Psion Series 7

PsiLinux is the project that aims to run Linux on Psion devices such as the Series 5, Series 5mx (pro), Revo and Series 7/Netbook. Yours truly is working on the Series 7/Netbook port.

What you need

Status on the S7 kernel Download (last updated: 4 Mar 2002)

Boot2nd: A portable second stage Boot Loader for Linux

Boot2nd is a second stage boot loader which can be used when Linux is bootstrapped from some other host OS (for example: Windows CE, or EPOC). In such an environment booting Linux usually requires a 2 stage approach. See the readme for how and what. Boot2nd is used in the PsiLinux project for the Series 7.


(last updated: 4 Mar 2002)

EMame: A port of MAME for EPOC32

MAME stands for Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator. When used in conjunction with a game's data files (ROMs), MAME will more or less faithfully reproduce that game on a PC. MAME can currently emulate over 1500 classic arcade video games from the '70s and '80s. The ROM images that MAME utilizes are "dumped" from arcade games' original circuit-board ROM chips. MAME becomes the "hardware" for the games, taking the place of their original CPUs and support chips. Therefore, these games are NOT simulations, but the actual, original games that appeared in arcades. MAME's purpose is to preserve these early decades of video-game history. As gaming technology continues to rush forward, MAME prevents these important "vintage" games from being lost and forgotten.
For more information visit the official MAME web site.

EMame is the port of MAME to EPOC32 and can be used on Psion devices such as the Series 5mx and Series 7.


Browse older versions of Emame

ER5 screen shots

Here' my old time favorite Pacman; it's running on the Series 5mx. Here's pacman again, this time running on the ER5 emulator (Series 7 configuration).

ER6 - Quartz screen shots

I've ported EMame over to ER6 - Quartz, hurray! Here's pacman running on the ER6 emulator. Quartz manufacturers willing to donate a unit are more than welcome to do so. I will then of course make sure EMame will run on your hardware :-)

Game roms

No one is allowed to distribute ROM images with MAME, so EMame doesn't either. Rumors have it that www.mame.dk might have a 'few' rom files :-). Here's the romlist for the current version of EMame. Remember to copy these zip files in either c:\emame\roms or d:\emame\roms.


I've written a paper on EMame for Symbian's developer network. You may read it here.

Send feedback to: EMame maintainer
For the latest version see: EMame homepage

ArLo: A Linux Boot Loader for the Psion Series 5, 5mx and 7

Arlo is the boot loader that is needed to boot Linux kernels on psion devices. As of version 1.2, Arlo supports the Series 5, 5mx and Series 7. The Psion Revo (plus), 5mx Pro and Netbook will probably work, but that needs confirming.


Browse older versions of Arlo

Status on booting Linux kernels

(last updated: 4 Mar 2002)

DESKWIN : A virtual desktop manager for Windows 9X/NT

Instead of having one desktop on which all windows are shown, you can now have multiple ones, each with its own set of windows. You can switch between desktop by clicking on a desktop in the deskwin window or using a hotkey.
Unlike other virtual desktop managers, deskwin will also remove the invisible windows from the task bar. Browse older versions of Deskwin

Send questions, remarks or bug reports about deskwin to: Deskwin maintainer

(last updated: 25 Dec 2006)

FSDEXT2 : Second extended file system for Windows 95

About fsdext2

Fsdext2 is a port of the second extended file system (ext2fs) to Windows 95; albeit a read-only version.
Using FSDEXT2 you can transparently mount your Linux ext2fs partitions on Windows 95.


I no longer actively support fsdext2, simply because I've moved on to other projects. Particularly, I've been working on an NT version of fsdext2; although I'm not sure if that will ever see light. There are a few annoying bugs I know of that I couldn't fix, including:

Other links

Updated 19 August 2001: I'm very pleased to say that Gerald Schnabel has updated fsdext2 for proper Windows98 support. Thanks Gerald, a job well done I'd say!

If you are interested in file systems, check out Georgatos Photis' home page.

Some personal stuff

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